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Join an Alliance:

1.       Click on the Alliance icon on the bottom to open the Alliance page. Then click on “Join Alliance”.
2.       You will see a list of all Alliances on your server. Click on the “Request” button to send your application. (You can apply for multiple Alliance at the same time) You can immediately join an Alliance if it does not require an approval!
3.       You can view the status of your requests on the “Applications” page.

How to quickly level up:

1.       Upgrade building levels and upgrade technology level. You can use Speed Up items and Diamonds to shorten the duration. 3.png 4.png
2.       Complete Story Quests and Main Quests to get plenty of EXP, Speed Up items and resources. (Complete Alliance Quests will also grant you some EXP)
3.       Complete stages in the Weirwood Tree Trials will grant you EXP and other items.
4.       Complete Normal or Elite Challenges to get lots of Speed Up items, EXP and materials.
5.       Completing the 7-Day event will grant you EXP and item rewards.
6.       You can also find EXP items and Speed Up items in the gift packs

Tips: Choose a better Alliance

1.       You can choose a stronger Alliance who is ranked higher on the Alliance leaderboard
2.       You can claim more Alliance Presents in a stronger Alliance. (contains Speed Up items and resource items)
9.png 10.png
3.       Alliance members can help shorten other member’s construction or research time.  

How to quickly build up your city in the game as a new player

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    Players can construct various buildings in their city. Different buildings serve different purposes in the game. All buildings are indispensable on player’s conquest for Westeros. Today’s building instruction will teach you the basic function of the buildings in game, and how they are going to help you in your journey. 
    There are four types of buildings in the game: Military, Economy, Production and Equipment. Players can upgrade the castle level to unlock more buildings. Here are all the buildings available in the game:
Castle: The center of player’s city. Basic building for all in-game activity. Upgrading your castle level increases the level limit for other buildings and the army size. Higher castle level will also unlock new buildings and new features.
Rookery (Lv.2 Castle required): The Rookery is where your ravens are kept. They can be used to scout enemy positions and deliver messages for you. When your city or camps are attacked, scouted, receive transport or reinforcement, the Rookery will inform you of such events. Upgrading raven towers can provide more detailed scout reports.
Hospital (Lv.3 Castle required): Hospitals save the lives of wounded soldiers. Troops that are injured while gathering, encamped (or garrisoned) or while reinforcing will be sent to the hospice for treatment.
Soldiers who are injured on territorial campaigns or fighting in armies (attacking, rallying, in castle siege, castle reinforcement etc) have 60% chance of being sent to the hospice.
Weirwood (Lv.4 Castle required): Entrance for Story Dungeons and elite stages.
Maester’s Tower (Lv.5 Castle require): Maester’s Tower supports your city with various research options. Different research options grants you different bonuses. Upgrade the Maester’s Tower level will shorten time to research a technology.
City Wall (Lv.6 Castle required): The Wall is a solid barrier that protects your city against invasion. Defending commanders can be stationed there, and fortifications constructed to fend off enemies. When walls take damage, reducing their durability, artisans will automatically commence repairs. Upgrading walls increases their maximum durability and fortification capacity.
Shelter (Lv.7 Castle require): Shelters can be used to protect armies and commanders in your city. Armies and lords inside your city can be sent to the Shelter. When enemies attack, units inside the shelter will not be attacked.
Blacksmith (Lv.8 Castle required): With enough materials, the smiths can forge you lord equipment or craft materials to strengthen your lord.
Bannerman Hall & Embassy (Lv.9 Castle required): Bannerman Hall allows you to participate in Rally attacks. Upgrading your Bannerman Hall to increase the size of your rally army. The Embassy can be used to host allied reinforcements. Upgrading embassies increases their reinforcement capacity and army size.
Market (Lv.10 Castle required): Highly accessible marketplace used for the transportation of resources between Alliance members. Upgrading markets increases transportation capacity and reduces transport taxes.
Training Grounds (Lv.11 Castle required): PVP Arena.
Merchant Ship (Lv.14 Castle required): Merchant ships carry foreign merchants and their exotic wares. Barter with them- they always have a surprise up their long sleeves!
Iron Bank (Lv.17 Castle required): Lords may invest diamonds in the bank, and receive a return in due course. Upgrading banks increases the investible amount and interest rate bonuses.
Dungeon (Lv.10 Bannerman Hall required): All captured enemy lords are kept in the Dungeon.
Hall of Faces (Lv.17 Dungeon required): Offer a captured enemy lord to the Many-Faced God to receive a buff for a limited time.
Completing main campaign quests allows you to construct buildings outside your city wall. You can construct more production buildings to provide more resource to support your city. There are 5 different production buildings in the game: Farmland, Lumberyard, Quarry, Mine and Mint. Carefully choose between different buildings to manage the resources productions on your city. 

Conquering Westeros: Building Introduction

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Great battles are won before they are ever fought. So your early strategies will decide your future. This guide will help you better understand the basics of the game and get ahead of other players from the very beginning.

Main Quest

Completing the main quest will not only grant you lots of rewards, they will also help you build a solid supply line for the future.

Join an Alliance

Alliance members can help shorten each other’s construction and research time. Purchasing items and defeating rebel leaders with other members will unlock Alliance Presents (contains EXP and Speed Up items and resources) for all members. Higher the Alliance’s level, higher its chance to unlock a higher level Alliance Present. Finding a stronger Alliance is a very important step in your journey.



Check and complete event objectives to get rewards that will provide important support to your journey on Westeros.

Normal and Elite Challenges

You can also get rewards from Normal and Elite challenges other than event objectives. The challenges are reset periodically. Make sure to check the objective of different challenges, so that you can always maximize your gain from completing the challenges. P.S. The challenge points will change based on your current Castle level.

Upgrade your Talent Level

You can view your talent trees by clicking on your lord’s avatar: Battle and Production. Production talents can greatly increase your research, construction, production and resource gathering speed; battle talents can provide various bonuses for you army. You should choose the talents that serve you the best. But you should always pick the production talents as a new player.

Resource Gathering

Click on the “World” then “Search” to find resource gathering sites and rebel leaders. Send your troops to collect resources from different gathering sites to support your city. Higher level sites can provide you more resources. You can use the resources to construct buildings, to research technologies or to forge equipment for your lords.

Advanced New Player Guide

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[1] Talent points: As a new player, you want to focus on your story quest to quickly grow in strenght. As you level up your lord, the best use of your talent points is in Production tree, Click "unlock" until you reaches the Constructions and Researchs Talents I & II maxed at level 30. To increase troops training speed, talent Troop Training Speed I & II can be unlock in the Battle tree.

[2] Weirwood: You want to utilize Guard Skill's manually, most of them are Area of Effect making it possible to strikes multiples foes. Getting experience meals for yours commanders is mandatory, to get meals, you need to blitz previously completed 3 stars areas. It is better to saves blitz when you need commanders items for upgrades.

[3] Experience points: Experience is extremely valuable in all level of play, luckily, there's a few way to optimize your gains. Getting Vip 4 and the buying the 599 diamonds chest will give you a free 25% exp card, using it the first day of playing is a good idea. Click on the Sept of Seven in the middle of your castle and Lord EXP Bonus to activate it for 24 hours.
Getting Higher VIP level also allow you to boost your exp income, it max out at VIP 9.

[4] Alliance: From level 4 castle, you should always join an alliance of one of your friends or the publics ones. Alliance helps will make constructions and researchs times shorthers, 1 help reduce by 1% each to a minimum of 1 minute. Waiting for all your helps to be given will help you save time and hastens.
You will notice that sometimes you get gifts randomly, they come from defeated horses and bought packs. Every Members receive the gifts so don't wait and claim them before they go! Claiming enough gifts will allow your alliance to level up and get better rewards. You should aim at getting VIP 8 to claim them all instantly, you can complete the alliance quest instantly at VIP 9 too.

[5] Rebels camps and PvP: There's a Morale mechanic that make your troops retreat so they don't all simply die, for rebel camps, every 0.5 seconds after 5 seconds of the battle has started will reduce your morale by 5%, it is important to have enough damage to break the wall. Having a strong frontline aka Infantry, Cavalry will ensure you win most of your battles, the morale will get to zero when most of the Frontline is down. Early on, you want to do lvl 1 camps with about 250-500k power, don't worry thought your alliance can send you troops to take them down easily. If you sucessfuly win the battle, a chest will be sent to your Merchant Guild, you need to Auction it and wait the timer, after that you can claim a reward.
The rewards depends on the chest level, you can have a maximum of 3 chests at any given time. To increase your rally capacity limit, you need to upgrade your Bannerman Halls.

[6] Chats channel: To improve your gameplay, you can quickly share coordinates to allies by clicking the "steam" button near it. You can send Alliance recruitements in The World chat, limited to 3 uses daily. Starting a rally will allows alliance members to join it from the chat directly. Sharing horses coordinates will make you able to see the remaining health of it and tell your allies to focus him for a alliance gift.

[7] Game Events: Theres multiples events you can complete everydays: Elites, Normals, Raising an Army, Best effort are just a fews of them. They give speedups and ressources to help you grow faster.

[8] Lord Equipements: Attacking Horses and Farming spots on the map give materials that can be forged into lord equipment. The best way to obtain materials from spots is to upgrade your army capacity, you can do it by increasing your army size and with talents and research. Occupying Level 5 spots is ususally better than the others, they gather faster and have more ressources in it. They can only be found near the King Landings, so you will have to fight for it. Making it sometimes better to farm lvl 4 spots instead, they can be found near every Great Cities. For a more detailed interface, go in the Kingdom map, accesible by clicking on the top of the minimap and click the ressource icons in the bottom right corner.

[9] Castle siege Event: This event consist in Controlling one of the 7 principal cities of Westeros, each one giving there respectives bonus. When the event start, alliances fight each others to captures Cities, you can then reinforce controlled ones to better defend it. One City need to be hold for more than 2 hours to make it protected for your alliance for 5 days until the next time this event come, If your City get captured before the timer end, it will reset again. King landings will be avaible during the second event, this City as special bonus and interactions, allowing you to give buffs/debuffs and gifts to everyone in the kingdom, the alliance on King Landings are considered Winners of the event.

Strategy from Player Ultimate

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Here is much information in this table, please open the picture and zoom in to read. 
How to make efficient use of your friendship gifts? The commanders are sorted(top-bottom) based on Leadership & Combat rate. The gifts (only) give 2x bonus exp to the set of commanders below
Friendship Levels
Stars = Stats gained/level - Levels increased by 10exp/Level (5 starts = +5 of the same stat per level up)
Example - Seg at LvL 5 is 43 CR and 36 L. If you level him further he will be at 48 CR and 40 L.
The hypothesis is that commanders with Star L5 and L4 should keep a distance of 2-5 exp LvLs at most. Because the increase of Exp/LvL is just not worth focusing on 1 commander. Until the current data changes on Commanders at higher levels.
Commanders with Star L5 should keep a gap of 5-10 LvLs with those with L3, an L2 should be approximately 8-20 levels behind an L5. Current thinking is that u need at least above 1500combat rate as a t4 player if there is a big gap between players' combat rate it won't matter how many more troops you get from leadership. But as with most things its mostly a bit of balance even with a total focus on Combat rate you will pick up leadership here and there. Everything looks easy on paper but as we know in RL nothing is really easy and this new friend stuff is highly Complicated when you get into it.
Bonus overview increase
Leadership Every 100 points 3k solo and 10k rally army size increase
Combat Rate every 100 points 2.5% total attack Def Hp
Command every 100 points 20 units every 4 hours
Aptitude every 100 points 20min every 4 hours
Finance every 100 points 10k gold per 4 hours
Food is scarce so it is better to not waste it on a bad commander but to save it up. Use the saved up food when you unlock a good commander which has the stats you need.
Some people are currently focusing the aptitude route this is just a warning that your troops even with higher technology will perform a lot worse and be made of paper. Only go this route if your never going to attack or be attacked. You cannot redistribute gifts given currently and the mats are in short supply even for big spenders.
Looking at the bonus each individual stat gives, focussing on Leadership (Army size + Rally size increase) and Combat (Total Attack, Health and Defence) is the most beneficial for solo players and rally leaders. Currently, Combat has a higher value and benefit than leadership at least up to 1500-1800 combat rate. Most of the commanders have both Leadership and Combat stats, so focusing on leveling those commanders up would be the way to go. The Command stat would be beneficial for T4 players, for T3 players this stat is not great. Make sure you use the right gifts for each set of commanders to receive the 2x bonus exp. Unlocking BD commanders with the Leadership/Combat rate stat, will boost your bonuses. Rally Leaders have to keep buying those gift packs every time they pop up missing 1 or 2 of those and your viability in a highly competitive kingdom can seal your doom.

Friendship Gift Guide

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Step 1. Hospital
Make Sure you have at least 5 hospitals so that most of your troops can be covered when they get wound. A lv.25 hospital can cover 40,000 troops and provide you with 5% Total Health.
Step 2. More Troops
Check whether you have at least 250,000 troops for the siege. 400,000 – 500,000 troops will be pretty nice.
*Notice: Do not train too many troops which exceed too much the coverage of your hospitals.
Step 3. Switch Talents, Equipment and Formation
- Talents
For offensive players: Use Reset Talent item to switch your research or production talents to full attack talents. To be more precise, do not waste your talent points on defense, health, training speed or fortifications etc.    
For defensive players: Full Fortifications Attack, Bowmen Attack and Army Defense. The rest talents points could be assigned to 
- Equipment
Switch your Maester or Builder set into attack equipment set such as Champion set, Frost set or other set which depends on your formation (attaching with badges will be a plus).  
Step 4. Activate Buffs
If you’re a rally leader, don’t forget to activate your Total Attack buff which can increase 20% attack of the whole troops and use Warrior’s Summon which can increase 50% your entire army’s capacity (strongly recommend this item, if you are able to afford it)
If you’re a participant of any rally, Immediate Curfew buff will be nice for you.

How to Prepare for Castle Siege

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1) What is Alliance Conquest?
Alliance Conquest is an event that has two random alliances fighting each other over a point system of holding castles, killing enemy players and capturing a location for the first time. There are two sides Lannisters and Targaryens, which are randomly chosen, Targaryens start south-west and Lannisters in north-east. The total amount of castles is 9. The most points giving castle is Casterly rock, then comes 2 ports Lannister Port and Targaryens Port, if you are capable to hold these 3 castles all the time, then you probably win the match, but do not underestimate the smaller castles as well, as its quite hard to hold enemy port or any castle, as there is infinity numbers of rallies enemy can start same time on a single target. This means the only thing matters is the strength of rally leads and the numbers of the troops. Also remember each player can hold only 1 Castle total, when he has taken a Castle he is not capable to rally another one, but sometimes he can start rallies on enemy players.
2)Point system for castles
As you can see from this screenshot, you get points from holding castles per minute and from getting there first. This means you should in beginning try to get the castles first and you should not just use a single player hastening into a castle, but multiple
players, who all try to get a castle just for the beginning points. Also if someone is really good at it you might want to disband him after taking castles and re-take new ones.
3) What to do prior to entering?
As you are not able to change your battle stats after entering, there are a few things you should do before entering.
3.1) Put battle talents on
3.2) If you have dungeon 25, then get yourself a lord
3.3) Gain hall of faces buff
3.4) Warrior Summoning and fix army configuration
3.5) Gain fervor
3.6) Set yourself 20% total attack on, and go battle using 20% total attack as you have an issue not seeing it anymore after the event starts. Also can use Warrior Summoning from there if needs be.
4) Castle overtaking
As this event is very different from normal Castle Siege, then there are certain aspects you should always consider. A Castle can be reinforced with 30 players and is dependant on march sizes of those players, but a total army which fights always is under that, mostly it is near to 3m troops(probably with all these new bonuses and research it will increase drastically). This means a single rally cannot take over a castle(even if you make total annihilation to the enemy castle), which is fully reinforced, you need a minimum of 2 rallies. A single player can even start 6 different rallies on different castles as 1st march and let the 2nd march of your teammate take the castle, but this can fail in the moment you win in the first rally on a castle. So it is not very recommended. The better way is that single player starts 3 rallies on a same castle, which he can do and sends first a bit weaker rally with commanders in 2nd rally the strongest and 3rd one a bit weaker as well, so to make sure you will get the castle. And yes a single player can do on a same castle three rallies at the same time.
So in overall, the most important thing in Alliance Conquest is speed and the numbers you can join rallies with, so as an alliance you always should have as many players as possible in the match. Also, remember you need your duke or officials to buy the items for the matches and only they can do it. I would suggest having 50 speed hastens for speed and all else healing hastens(use to fast heal troops), so you can fight, but sometimes you need more speed hastens to get castles and return troops.

Alliance Conquest

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